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Cleaning and care of silver

Silver from Koch & Bergfeld is dishwasher-safe, but there is a catch. Since the launch of detergent tabs containing very high levels of additives (salt, glass protection agents, stainless steel shine enhancers), we often see an effect that causes silver to acquire a blue or brown tarnish quickly. Why is this?
The detergent industry is unfortunately constantly changing the chemical composition of its dishwashing products. Koch & Bergfeld has noticed an especially negative trend since the attention of detergent manufacturers has fallen on so-called "glass protection" additives. Such additives or other associated substances are not good when occurring in conjunction with silver.

We have already pointed out this problem during a discussion with the company Henkel (Somat). At that meeting it recommended only using simple Somat (not including other factors), e.g. Somat2 (only detergent and rinse aid). Our washing tests have confirmed the result. So make sure you keep your eye out for the most basic dishwashing products that do not contain additives.

And we can assure you of one thing: As a manufacturer of silverware, we shall be staying on the ball when it comes to dishwashing products and will continue to test detergents on your behalf.

For additional care we recommend using products from Goddards. For stubborn deposits (black "caking") on silver we can offer our polishing service – as well as replating with silver after many years of usage to brighten up cutlery; after we have dealt with it, your family silver will look like new. That's a promise.

Here are a few tips:

Please do not use aluminium for would-be cleaning as it damages silver. Aluminium is used for professional desilverising. You will achieve the same effect – sooner or later you will notice your silver has been adversely affected.

When cleaning silver surfaces, do not use pads containing metals (Scotch-brite). Although silver is a hard metal, it has a soft surface that can easily become scratched.

Use your silver as often as possible – it especially becomes tarnished when left lying around ("gets into a black mood").