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One question that is frequently asked is: can old pieces of cutlery or other silverware be replated?
There is no doubt about the answer: Yes, in principle it is perfectly possible to silver-plate any piece of silver cutlery, as well as tableware in general, and jewellery made of many other metals (Alpaka (argentan), brass). This means there is nothing in the way of replating here.
In particular, 90 gram silver plating – indicated by the figure "90" stamped onto the back of cutlery – will slowly but surely wear off in time. This type of silverplating will last between 15 and 20 years before the first bare spots start to show through. And that is not surprising: 90 grams means 90 grams of pure silver spread over an area of one square metre or here, over 24 or so pieces of cutlery.

Is replating worth it? It is not at all worth replating a piece of cutlery which is left in the drawer all the time. And: if you have inherited a much-loved set of family silver and want to make use of it, you will have to keep it in a condition allowing you to do so. After replating, cutlery will look like new again, and you will also enjoy using it. This is why many people opt for cutlery made of real silver from the outset in order to avoid this problem.

The cost of replating? All prices are on the pricelist, page 5

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