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Lupe oder Leseglas


Was the trusty knife blade finally no match for the stubborn jam jar and snapped off? Is the old blade loose? The serrated edge worn? Has the ancient "blued" blade acquired a film of rust?
Don't worry. In principle, every knife can be fitted with a new blade. And the good thing about this: the blade may only have been cemented in place beforehand – once it has been reconditioned by Koch & Bergfeld, it will at last be dishwasher-safe, making it suitable for everyday use once again.
Our Service department helps customers to select the right blade for every item of cutlery from a range of 26 blades featuring eight different forms. Special designs are also possible. Afterwards it generally takes no more than ten working days to fit the blade. The cost? Compare the price of a new knife with repair of your item...

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Juliane Neubauer